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2 minute installation
No Plumber Or Tools Required

Our ultimate Shower Filter Fitting guide.

How It Looks

This is how the Hello Klean Shower Filter looks on different shower types.

No plumbers, no tools, install our Shower Filter in just 2 minutes.

If You Encounter A Fitting Issue

Less than 3% of our customers encounter a fitting issue due to tight or awkward spacing.

Don't worry, we have an adapter that can help.

Our Swivel Adapter

Our Swivel Adapter is a small accessory you twist on to the Shower Filter.

The Adapter rotates, thus creating a wider angle (more room) for the Shower Filter to fit into tight spaces.

100% Hassle-Free

And in case anything isn't clear, we're always here to help! 

Reach out to us at support@helloklean.com