• 'Replenishes lost softness to retain moisture.'

  • 'Rinses the heavy metals away and restores shine.'

  • 'Forget desert like dryness that hard water can cause.'

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Don't let hard water ruin your hair and skin.

If you're feeling like your products haven't quite done the job, the water you are washing in could be to blame.

For Crispy-Feeling Hair

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For Itchy, Flakey Scalps

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For Dry, Tight-Feeling Skin

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Don't forget to filter your water.

Loved by +100,000+ customers.

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"I’ve spent so much money buying various expensive shampoos to figure out how to get my scalp clean and finally I’ve found a shampoo. Best of all, it doesn’t have any toxic ingredients. Super happy!"


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Frequently Asked Questions

Shower Filter vs Water Softener, what's the difference?

A water softener is a whole-house device that reduces limescale. 

Our Shower Filter & Shower Head reduces iron, copper, lead and chlorine in return, alleviating some side effects of hard water on the skin and hair. 

No shower filter will remove calcium, so we formulated products that do.

For best results, pair with Clarifying Scalp Soak and Nourishing Micronutrient Wash to remove calcium and magnesium deposits from your skin and hair.

Are your products suitable for coloured & chemically treated hair?

Yes. Our products are made without harsh ingredients, such as sulphates. It will not strip colour or interfere with chemical treatments, such as keratin, Brazilian blowouts, or straighteners.

Do you use sulphates or silicones?

Our products do not contain sulphates, silicones, fragrance, EDTA, paragons mineral oil, parabens and 1,600 ingredients banned by the EU.

Are your products vegan & cruelty-free?

All our products are vegan and cruelty free.

How long does delivery take?

  • Once an order is successfully placed, processing may take up to 1-2 business days, with most orders shipping sooner than that.
  • Once your package leaves our fulfilment centre, transit time will vary depending on your location. We have warehouses in the UK, Germany, USA and the UAE to ensure a fast and carbon efficient delivery.
  • Please note that our warehouse does not work on weekends, meaning that an order placed on Friday evening will be dispatched on Monday. 
  • In the event of delays, we will send you an email notifying you with updates.

What's your return policy?

  • Return shipping is at our expense, always.
  • If something did not meet your expectations, please reach out to support@helloklean.com within 30 days of receipt so we can replace, refund, or assist you further.