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Hello Klean Refill Capsule (3 for 2)

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For a limited time only, we are offering 3 refills for the price of 2.

Just as you replace your shampoo and body wash when they run low, you should never run out of quality water. Our refill capsules make it easy to recharge your shower experience again and again.

Note: A Hello Klean Shower Filter is required prior to buying our refill capsules. 


    Stainless Mesh: Captures sand and other sediments.  

    Calcium Sulfite: Ensures chlorine removal in both hot and cold water. 

    KDF 55: Helps remove residual chlorine and heavy metals such as lead, chromium, copper, mercury, nickel, and copper. 

    Granular Activated Carbon: Helps remove trihalomethane (THMs), odor, mold, and bacteria. 

    Ceramic Beads: Balances your shower water's pH level.


    We recommend changing the capsules every 3-4 months or after 13,000 liters of water (whichever comes first) for optimal results. Filter capsule use should not exceed 6 months (DIN1988 Section 4).

    The lifespan of each capsule depends on various factors such as the level of free chlorine, your pH balance, how hard your water is, how often you shower, et cetera. 

    We suggest a replacement if you notice a significant reduction in water flow. Decreased water flow is not a product deficiency, but a sign of increased sediments in your tap water.


    KDF 55: Reduces water-soluble metals such as lead, iron, copper, mercury, and nickel.

    Calcium Sulphite: Reduces chlorine.

    Granular Activated Carbon: Reduces trihalomethane (THMs) and odour.

    Ceramic Beads: Boosts filtration.


    1. Remove the shower cord from tap.

    2. Attach the Shower Filter.

    3. Re-attach the cord.

    4. Run your water for 30 seconds.


    Each Refill Capsule lasts for 13,000 litres of water, which is:

    3 months for a household of 3

    4 months for a household of 2

    6 months for a household of 1


    Paper Carton: recyclable.

    Aluminium case: refillable.

    Hemp: biodegradable. Place in compost bin.

    Refill capsule: recyclable. Carefully poke a hole through the mesh, dispose of the ingredients and recycle the plastic casing.

    Fitting concerns

    For awkward spacing or taps located too close to the wall (less than 2.5cm space), you'll need our Shower Adapter to lengthen the distance.

    Purchase one here.

    Roughly 3% of customers encounter this issue.

    Install in 2 minutes. No tools needed.

    What's next?

    The Shower Filter is the first step to reduce minerals and chlorine in your water.

    To get to the root of hard water sorrows, follow with our topical products to remove follicle-clogging buildup and restore balance to the hair and skin.

    • One of my favourite products of all time. It quickly detoxifies your scalp, without stripping it of moisture.

    • This hard-water filter attachment is also a great way to prevent mineral buildup from dulling your hair colour.

    • Another change that's doing wonders for my hair health. My hair felt softer from the very first wash.

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