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Hard Water

In most areas within Germany, water is considered hard, meaning it contains high amounts of minerals.

Although healthy to consume, minerals in hard water leave behind build-up known as soap scum. This buildup may cause dryness and irritation for the skin and scalp, weigh down hair, and even discolour it, due to the oxidisation process.

Lab Reports

Shower in water that works for your beauty goals, not against it.

Lab Reports showed that the Hello Klean Shower Filter:

Removes +90% of free-chlorine.

Removes iron, lead, copper, iron and water-soluble minerals.

Redox Process

During the Redox Process, electrons are transferred between molecules, and new elements are created. Chlorine, for example, becomes non-toxic chloride.

Similar to chlorine, water-soluble minerals such as iron, copper, lead, mercury, nickel, and others, neutralize against the ingredient's surface. The result? They're effectively removed from your shower stream.

How The Ingredients Work In Tandem

KDF stimulates a molecular oxidative reduction, transforming chemicals and metal like chlorine, lead, copper, iron, and more, into benign substances.

GAC & Calcium Sulfite

Calcium Sulfite removes any residual chlorine and Granular Activated Carbon helps remove trihalomethane (THMs), odor and mould.  

Ceramic Beads

The combination of Zeolite, Tourmaline and Far Infra-Red Ceramic Beads increases alkalinity to balance your water's pH level.

Water Filter Vs. Water Softener

There are two types of minerals found within hard water: soluble minerals (copper, iron, nickel, and lead etc) and non-soluble ones (calcium and magnesium.)

Our Shower Filter removes the water-soluble minerals, in return, reducing soap scum and alleviating some side effects of hard water on your hair and skin.

A water-softening system is a large industrial device built into your home that combats calcium and limescale. While we may help limescale to a certain extent, we won't be able to remove it 100%.

Here are some positive signs to expect after installing our Shower Filter: your soap lathers more, you notice less chlorine smell (if your water is chlorinated), less odour and reduced rust, your hair feels less weighed down, you notice less skin sensitivity during and after showers.

The Scalp Is An Extension Of Your Skin.

If you ever scratched your scalp and noticed white, waxy residue under your nails, that's buildup in a nutshell: a combination of oil, mineral deposits, dead skin cells, and soap scum.

Just as you wouldn’t ignore clogged pores on your face, you shouldn’t neglect follicle clogging buildup on your scalp either.

Our second product, Clarifying Scalp Soak eliminates the congesting effects of calcium and magnesium buildup from hard water, pollution and product residue.

Clinical Trial: Buildup Removal

In partnership with Centro De Tecnologia Capilar, we put Scalp Soak to the test.

Methodology: The study was conducted on five sample tresses using the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). Each were soiled with pollutants and oil over the course of one week, then Scalp Soak was applied to determine its cleansing efficacy.

Result: After one application, Scalp Soak removed almost all the pollutants and residue, each strand is in well-structured conditions with healthy cuticles.

Get To The Root Of Your Scalp Sorrows
Low-Foam Formula

If your scalp feels 'squeaky clean' it may be a sign that it's been stripped.

SLS and SLES, commonly as sulphates, are anionic surfactants that produce satisfying lather. However, they may cause dryness for sensitive scalps.

That's why, in place of rigorous foam, we opted for low-sensitising, botanically-derived cleansers.

Gentle enough for bleached, coloured, or chemically treated hair, your scalp will feel clean but never tight.

pH 4.0

A healthy scalp's pH is slightly acidic, around pH 5.5. However, this pH is easily disrupted by shampoo products, pollution, and hard water(pH 7.5+)

The more alkaline your scalp becomes, chances are, the more it's prone to irritation.

For your hair, increased pH means raised hair cuticles, which leads to easier buildup accumulation. 

Scalp Soak's acidic base pH 4.0 was formulated to help balance the scalp's acid mantle and seal the cuticles.

The Soaking Process

During the five minutes, Scalp Soak works double-time, lifting impurities while infusing the follicle and hair shaft with nutrients.

While the cleansing ingredients soak-off impurities, hydrating ones such as Fermented Rice Water, Tamanu Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Extract, Panthenol, and Rice Seed Protein soak in, making it a true dual action formula.

The result: a clean and balanced scalp that provides the optimum conditions for healthy hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Packed with malic acid (an Alpha Hydroxy Acid), Apple Cider Vinegar works as a gentle exfoliator while simultaneously balancing the pH. With its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, ACV can also calm irritated scalps by preventing yeast overgrowth.

For hair, ACV has been shown to close hair cuticles with its acidic base. Not only do flatter cuticles equate to smoothness, but they also help to enhance shine.

Fermented Rice Water

Often used as a home treatment to maintain healthy and shiny hair, Fermented Rice Water is rich in amino acids, antioxidants, Vitamins B & E, and contains traces of pitera, a nutrient produced during the fermentation process.

Fermented rice water is also acidic, which helps restore and balance your scalp's pH and can smooth cuticles.

Sweet Almond Extract

Derived from the purified fraction of sweet almond, Sweet Almond Extract helps deliver a healthy hydration dose.

Rich in polar peptides and prebiotics, Sweet Almond Extract can also help strengthen damaged hair, adding softness and shine.

Other Key Ingredients

Lauryl Glucoside and Coco-Glucoside: botanically-derived surfactants that gently whisk away scalp buildup.

Phytic Acid: gentle cleansing agent that helps break calcium, magnesium, copper and iron bonds.

Panthenol: derivative of vitamin B5 helps increase resistance to damage.

Rice Seed Protein: packed with peptides and amino acids that helps increase strength.

Tamanu Oil: helps get rid of split ends and provides anti-frizz benefits to hair.

Green Tea Extract: provides antioxidant properties to the hair and scalp.

Is It Cruelty-Free, Plant-Derived, Or Contains No Parabens?

More often than not, clean beauty is a term with vague definition. While botanically-derived ingredients are fantastic, it needs help from some man-made ones to get the job done.

While we're on that topic, everything natural (yes, including water) is a chemical.

Ingredient lists only tells part of the story. Just like how a recipe tastes different based on who cooks it and how it's cooked, each product's ingredient mix is unique, what matters are percentages, formulation methodology and the quality of each ingredient.

Here's our standards at Hello Klean: the ingredients need to work, and they need to be kind to you, kind to others, and kind to our planet.

Here's a list of ingredients you won't find in Scalp Soak: while the studies aren't always conclusive for their effects in humans, we've decided to err on the side of caution and formulate without Coal tar, Alcohol, Fragrance, Essential Oils, Gluten, Parabens, Polyethelene Glycol, Silicone/Dimethicone, Sulphates, EDTA, Phthalates, Triclosan, Butylated Hydroxyanisole, Butylated Hydroxytoluene.

Scalp Soak is Certified Vegan and only tested on humans.

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