Are you dealing with unexplained hair loss, tried all sorts of treatments and yet nothing seems to improve? You might consider looking for the culprit elsewhere: your shower water.


Not all showers are created equal, especially for those of us who live in areas supplied with hard water. You've likely heard the term before, but we're happy to refresh your memory: Hard water is freshwater abundant in minerals. Although beneficial for your health, it's often problematic for your hair, scalp, and skin. 

One particular mineral found within hard water is calcium carbonate. When it comes in direct contact with your scalp, calcium creates a build-up AKA calcification. You might be wondering, "I take calcium as a dietary supplement, isn't that something good for our bodies?" And yup, you're 100% right.

Calcium itself is a hardening mineral and is vital to our teeth and bones. But, too much of anything is never good. Whether it's your own body overproducing on calcium or a reaction to the hard shower water, either way, calcification on your scalp causes irreversible damages to your hair health.

" Scalp Calcification is an important cause of the hair follicles to be unable to produce further hair growth or at least the same quality of hair." In other words, high calcium levels on your scalp not only changes the texture of your hair but can also cause your strands to fall out and not grow back. (More reading on Scalp Calcification: https://www.hairscience.com/scalp-calcification/)


Your shower water affects your skin and hair just as much as the products you use. What we believe at KLEAN is simple: instead of spending $$$ on hair products later on, why not tackle the problem at its source instead?

At KLEAN, our goal is to help you #showersmart by making your beauty routine a lot easier. Our KLEAN shower filter gives you quality showers by removing up to 98% of free chlorine, heavy metals, and other icky things found in your tap water. 


Alongside a shower filter, you can also look for shampoos that limit hard water damage at your closest drugstore. These products often have "chelating" and "clarifying" qualities written on their packaging. The star ingredient is EDTA, its beneficial for preventing mineral buildup in your hair as well.

We also recommend trying out some DIY natural solutions at home. You can add lemon or white vinegar to your bottled water and rinse your hair with it. As both lemon and white vinegar soften your strands, these DIY rinses can help remove the calcium build up too. Just don't forget to rinse it again with clean bottled water after you're done.

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