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Purifying Shower Head

Purifying Shower Head

The Purifying Shower Head reduces impurities in your shower water.

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  • 2-step circular filtration process reduces unwanted metals, chlorine and impurities in hard water.
  • Saves 25% of the water.
  • Boosts pressure up to 2 times.

How To Install

  • Remove the old shower head.
  • Attach the Purifying Shower Head to the hose.
  • Run the water for 30 seconds.


  • KDF 55: Reduces water-soluble metals such as lead, iron, copper, mercury, and nickel.
  • Amino Acid: Boosts filtration.
  • Activated Carbon Fibre: Reduces trihalomethane (THMs) and odour.


Each Refill Cartridge lasts for 10,000 litres of water, which is around 3 months for a household of 2.


  • Carton: recyclable.
  • Showerhead case: refillable.
  • Refill cartridges: recyclable. Simply recycle the casing and compost the pouch.

#1 rated brand for hard water

  • "Purifies the water and filters out chlorine, iron, copper, lead, cadmium and nickel."

  • "My hair colour looks fresher. You'll never be able to go without once you've tried it."

  • "Neutralises nasties like chlorine and filters out soap scum, leaving your skin clean."

  • "My skin is now clear and I feel like my cleansers are working more effectively."

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  • Replace your old shower head.

  • Shower Happy!

Better than your old shower head.

  • Saves your skin.

    Alleviate dryness and irritation.

  • Saves your hair.

    Rescue dry, crispy feeling hair.

  • Saves your shower.

    Boosts pressure up to 2x.

  • Saves your water.

    Reduces water usage up to 25%.

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More than just filtration.

Redox process: Binds with heavy metals creating new, benign elements kinder for your skin and hair.

Micro filtration: Reduces chlorine, rust, odour and more.

320 micro-nozzles: Reduces water usage by 25%.

Circular filtration: Air is pressurised into the circular headpiece—boosting flow & filtration.