Our shower filter filters purifies your water through 6 steps: 

Stainless Mesh: Captures sand and other sediments.  

Calcium Sulfite: Ensures chlorine removal in both hot and cold water. 

KDF 55: Helps remove residual chlorine and heavy metals such as lead, chromium, copper, mercury, nickel and copper. 

Granular Activated Carbon: Helps remove trihalomethane (THMs), odor, mould, and bacteria. 

Ceramic Beads: Balances your shower water's pH level.

Hello Klean uses an NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) certified medium called Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) which uses a process known as REDOX to transform chemicals and metal ions into harmless substances for your hair and skin. KDF meets EPA and FDA standards and is 100% safe for your shower.

KDF utilizes a combination of copper and zinc to create an electro-chemical reaction. During this process, electrons are transferred between molecules, creating new elements. The process changes harmful contaminants into harmless components. Free chlorine, for instance, is changed into benign, water-soluble chloride. With the same reaction, some heavy metals such as copper, lead, mercury, and others, react to plate out onto the medium's surface as well.

Each Hello Klean Shower Filter also contains Calcium Sulfite (CaSO3), which helps effectively remove chlorine from your shower. Calcium Sulfite is a vital component within both household and municipal filtering systems and also used in our daily lives. 

There's also Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) which help remove THMs, odor, organic materials, and bacteria. GAC is microporous, which means just 1 gram of activated carbon has a molecular surface area of 11 tennis courts. GAC attracts the icky things in your shower and ensures that they stay permanently trapped. According to the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency), GAC is the recommended filter media that removes 81 types of chemicals, 32 identified organic contaminants as well as 14 different types of pesticides and 12 herbicides.

The filter ingredients are produced in Michigan, USA and the packaging and assembly is completed in Shenzhen, China. 

Each filter's flow rate is 8 liters per minute, and it shouldn't change your water pressure noticeably.

Our product is designed for home showers only, so please do not install it onto any pressure piping.

Consider capsule replacement if you notice a significant reduction in water flow. Decreased water flow is not a deficiency in the product, but a sign of increased sediments in your shower water.

Even in cities acclaimed for ‘best drinking water’, the high mineral content could be wreaking havoc to your hair and skin during showers.

Minerals in hard water leave behind soap scum, which causes dry hair that feels weak and weighed down.

If you suffer from skin issues like eczema, dandruff, and psoriasis, hard water could worsen the symptoms as it increases sensitivity to irritants in soap products.

The Hello Klean Shower Filter will help remove limescale to a small extent, but ultimately, we are a water filter, not a water softener. The Hello Klean Shower Filter removes chlorine, chemicals, and water-soluble heavy metals like iron, nickel, copper, chromium, lead, etc. These minerals are found in hard water and can leave your hair and skin feeling dry and weighed down.

If you're looking for a solution to remove limescale and calcium 100%, we suggest looking for a whole house water softening system. 


Nope! Our filter is designed to be 100% hassle free, so you definitely won't require a handyman.

Here's how to install it:
1. Unscrew your shower hose (the pipe) from the tap.
2. Remove the rubber plugs and attach the filter's entry valve to the bottom of your shower tap (with the rubber seal facing upward).
3. Attach your shower hose onto the exit valve.
4. Tighten both sides to prevent any leakage.
5. Let your shower water run for 1 minute, and you're good to go!

Changing our capsules is super simple:
1. Remove the shower filter from your shower hose and tap.
2. Unscrew the inflow and outflow covers.
3. Remove the existing capsule, replace it, and screw on the caps.
4. Re-attach the filter's entry valve to the bottom of your shower tap (rubber seal faces upward).
5. Re-attach your shower hose onto the exit valve.
6. Let your shower water run for one minute, and you're done.

Our shower filter is compatible with standard showers that have a 1/2 inch pipe. Please make sure that your shower hose and tap are intact prior to installation.

If your shower valve is placed directly on the wall or if the connection to the valve is less than 2.5cm in width, you'll need to purchase an adapter. Please contact your hardware provider if you aren't sure of the specifications. 

We advise to change the capsules every 3-4 months or after 13,000 liters of water (whichever comes first) for optimal results. Replacement should not exceed 6 months (DIN1988 Section 4).

How long each capsule lasts depends on various factors. The optimal performance varies on the level of free chlorine, pH balance, how hard your water is, how often you shower, etc. 

We suggest replacement if you notice a significant reduction in water flow. Decreased water flow is not a product deficiency, but a sign of increased sediments in your tap water.

The filter's flow rate is 8 liters per minute, and it shouldn't change your water pressure noticeably. Our product is designed for home showers only, so please do not install it onto any pressure piping.

Get in touch so we can ship you a complimentary adapter! Reach out to us at support@helloklean.com


Our 30 day free trial lets you try with our products before you commit to buying, think of it like a test drive for your shower. 

Your first order will include our Hello Klean Shower Filter casing and capsule. And after 4 months, we will automatically ship you refills.

You will be charged after 30 days, so after the end of your trial.

Rest assured, you have 30 days from the time your order was placed to initiate a free return for a full refund.

To start a return, just send us an email at support@helloklean.com.

Your subscription will be cancelled 3-5 days after your item(s) is received by our shipping facility.

Yes, we are very flexible with deliveries, just shoot us an email at support@helloklean.com and we'll help you adjust it in the system.  

Each capsule contains active ingredients which have a lifespan of 4 months, and you'd need to change them in order to have quality shower water continuously.  

We know how easy it is to forget replacing the capsules, plus it's a hassle to set reminders for yourself. With our subscription, it's so much easier, as the refills will be automatically sent to you every 4 months. 

A subscription is also more economical, you'll pay less compared to buying the products one by one. 

Yes! After the first charge, you can cancel your subscription and keep our product. 

If you DON'T wish to be charged, please initiate a return process before your 30 day trial period is finished. 

You'll find a link in your order confirmation email where you can access your subscription to see the shipping dates for your refills and view our billing cycle. 

For cancellation and address changes please contact us directly at support@helloklean.com. 

Yes. We send you a reminder email 7 days before your charge date.

You will also receive a confirmation when a payment has been processed. 


We offer worldwide shipping! Generally speaking, Klean is available wherever mail can be received. 

For Germany and UK orders, you should receive your order within 2 business days. For the rest of EU, delivery should take between 5 - 7 days. We'll send you a shipping confirmation once your order is dispatched. 

Please note that our warehouse does not work on weekends, meaning that an order placed on Friday evening will be dispatched on Monday. 

Although it's rare, sometimes delays do happen. We will try our best to help you in the case that you cannot locate your parcel, just shoot us an email or WhatsApp us directly with your order number. And we'll launch an investigation with the shipment providers like Royal Mail or DHL etc. 

For customers who ordered the free-trial, if your order is delayed, let us know. We'll also delay your payment charge date as you should only pay for something you tried and want to keep!

For both one-off and subscription product purchase, we accept returns up to 30 days after purchase. Email our team at support@helloklean.com with the subject RETURN and have your order number at hand.  

For subscriptions, you can cancel your plan anytime.  We will charge you only for the first 4 months.

Please see our RETURN POLICY for more details. 

Return shipping is at the expense of us, please contact us at support@helloklean.com and we will issue you a return shipment label.  

International orders will be shipped duties paid by us. You will not need to pay any custom fees.

For one-off filter purchase we accept all major credit cards, Paypal, and many debit card payment methods. For subscriptions we allow only credit card payments.


Yes. Our filter medium components do not involve any animal products or derivatives in their production or testing.

Calcium Sulfite is a compound synthesized in our laboratory and the Granular Activated Charcoal is extracted from the cabonization of plant compounds. The KDF medium in our filter utilizes a combination of copper and zinc. 

A clean environment is as important to us as clean water, so we use 70% less plastic compared to other brands in the market. Our filter casing is aluminum, and our biodegradable packaging is made from hemp and recycled paper. Even the capsules are recyclable! Simply dispose of the ingredients as compost and recycle the old casing. We are also cruelty-free and our materials contain no animal byproducts.

For every purchase you make, we we donate €2  to help plant trees in developing nations and help offset our Co2 emissions, via our partnership with Treedom.

Nope, Hello Klean is 100% cruelty free.

Yes! Carefully poke a hole through the stainless mesh, empty the filter components as compost, rinse the casing and then recycle it.

We use PP plastic. A reusable, recyclable material that ensures maximum durability. Our capsule casing can be recycled with the Berliner Stadtreinigung. 

If you don’t reside in Germany, we recommend checking with your curb-side recycling program as they may have different requirements.

In the instance where our capsule isn't received by your local waste management, let us know and we'll issue you a complimentary return label to have it shipped back to us. 

Please contact support@helloklean.com for a shipping label.