As a brand, we are committed to upgrading your shower rituals whilst limiting our impact on the environment.

Scalp Soak and Shower Filter are cruelty-free. Additionally, Scalp Soak is certified vegan by the V-Label and it's ingredients, formulation, and processing method do not contain or use any animal by-products.

In an effort to reduce single plastic usage, Scalp Soak is 90% plastic-free, and our shower filter uses 70% less plastic products than most brands on the market.

How We're Doing Our Part
Shower Filter

Our Shower Filter uses 70% less plastic compared to most brands on the market.

We opted for aluminium packaging, an infinitely recyclable material that can be easily reused, even if it means a higher cost for us.

Additionally, the exterior packaging is made from hemp and recycled kraft paper.

Scalp Soak & Brush

We also selected food-grade aluminium packaging for our Scalp Soak bottles to ensure durability.

To reduce waste where possible, we opted for direct printing on bottles in replacement of stick on labels.

Our scalp massager brush is made of recyclable silicone: safe, gentle and durable for long term use.

Sustainable Shipping

Our shipping cartons are FSC Certified and are 100% recyclable, made from kraft paper and printed with soy ink.

We work with 4 warehouse locations globally to reduce carbon emissions while ensuring on-time delivery.

For instance, if you live in Germany, your products will be sent from our storage in Berlin instead of Paris.

How to Recycle: Scalp Soak

Recycling instructions (200ml): Remove formula from the bottle, use a nutcracker to separate metal spring from plastic pump. Then separately recycle the plastic, metal spring, and aluminium bottle.

Reycling instructions (50ml): Remove formula from the bottle, separate the liner from the cap, and separately recycle each element.

Please remember to check with your local council as facilities differ.

How To Recycle: Shower Filter

Recycling instructions(capsule): air dry each capsule, poke a hole through the stainless mesh, dispose of used ingredients as compost and recycle the old casing.

Recycling instructions (casing): open the casing, remove the leakage prevention rings and separately recycle both elements.

Please remember to check with your local council as facilities differ.

Hello Klean X Treedom

For every sale, we donate to Treedom to offset our carbon emissions by planting trees in developing nations.

All trees are planted directly by local farmers and bring environmental, social, and financial benefits to their local communities.

Our Values

Here's what #showersmart means to us: multi-functional shower staples that's kind to you, kind to others and kind to our planet.