Shower Adapter
KLEAN Shower Adapter KLEAN
Shower Adapter
KLEAN Shower Adapter KLEAN

Shower Adapter

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Not enough space? Bathtub in the way? Awkward angle? Our Adapter helps resolve all fitting concerns for our Shower Filter.

*Roughly 3% of our customers encounter a fitting issue. Please scroll down for our visual guide.

  • The Adapter creates extra space. 
  • Just twist it on. The swivel design can be turned in all directions. 
  • It fits on all shower types: directly from the wall, a bath tap, sideways, and upside down too. 
  • Fits on universal 1/2 inch thread shower arms & shower heads. 
  • Attach the Adapter onto your shower tap.
  • Rotate the swivel. 
  • Attach the Shower Filter onto the Adapter. 

“Transforms your beauty routine.”

“Great way to prevent mineral buildup from dulling your hair colour.”

"My hair felt softer from the first wash."

"Not all water is created equal."

Up Close and Personal
How It Looks

The Adapter is a nifty accessory that resolves your fitting concerns.

Made of solid brass, the swivel design tilts to a 45 degree angle to all directions.

Obstructing Bath Drains

Whether it's a drain-stopper or the actual bathtub getting in the way, the Adapter creates extra space for the Shower Filter to fit.

Direct On The Wall Taps

In rare cases, some taps are located directly on the wall.

The Adapter creates an angle for the Shower Filter to fit.

Just Twist It On

Attach the Adapter to your tap, rotate it, and twist on the Shower Filter.

It'll takes less than 30 seconds.

Get In Touch

Send us a photo of your shower type in the chat box below.

We'll advise you where and how it fits.