Hello Klean Shower Filter
Hello Klean Shower Filter
Hello Klean Shower Filter
Hello Klean Shower Filter
Hello Klean Shower Filter
Hello Klean Shower Filter
Hello Klean Shower Filter
Hello Klean Shower Filter
Hello Klean Shower Filter
Hello Klean Shower Filter

2 minute installation

aluminum casing

cruelty free

recyclable capsules

Hello Klean Shower Filter

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Take self-care to the next level and enjoy smoother, softer hair and skin with filtered water. 

Buy it one-off 

  • Your order comes with one refillable filter casing and one capsule.
  • Purchase the refill when you want, we won't send them to you automatically.

Or better yet, subscribe! 

  • We'll ship you a refill capsule on your preferred frequency. 
  • Cancellable anytime, you're in control. 

Stainless Mesh: Captures sand and other sediments.  

Calcium Sulfite: Ensures chlorine removal in both hot and cold water. 

KDF 55: Helps remove residual chlorine and heavy metals such as lead, chromium, copper, mercury, nickel, and copper. 

Granular Activated Carbon: Helps remove trihalomethane (THMs), odor, mold, and bacteria. 

Ceramic Beads: Balances your shower water's pH level.

Filter Case Material: Aluminum

Capsule Case Material: ABS Recyclable Plastic

Filter Dimensions: 65.5mm X 180mm

Capsule Dimensions: 50mm X 115mm

Product Weight: 450 grams

Entry and Exit Valve: 1/2" thread

Flow Rate: 8 liters per minute

How often do I need to change the refills?

Each capsule lasts 13,000 liters of water. With an average shower lasting 10 minutes, this would estimate to:

  • 6 months for a household of one
  • 4 months for a household of two
  • 3 months for a household of three

Replacement should not exceed 6 months (DIN1988 Section 4).

Will it reduce my water pressure?

The filter's flow rate is 8 liters per minute, and it shouldn't change your water pressure noticeably. Our product is designed for home showers only, so please do not install it onto any pressure piping.

Can I recycle the capsules?

Yes! You can air-dry the old capsule, carefully poke a hole through the stainless mesh, empty the filter components as compost, rinse the casing and then recycle it.

We use PP plastic. A reusable, recyclable material that ensures maximum durability. Our capsule casing can be recycled with the Berliner Stadtreinigung. 

If you don’t reside in Germany, we recommend checking with your curb-side recycling program as they may have different requirements.

In the instance where our capsule isn't received by your local waste management, let us know and we'll issue you a complimentary return label to have it shipped back to us. 

Please contact support@helloklean.com for a shipping label. 

Will this remove limescale?

There are two types of minerals found in hard water: water-soluble(iron, copper, lead, etc.)and non-soluble(calcium and magnesium). Limescale is caused by the latter.

Our filter removes water-soluble metals alleviating some of the unpleasant side effects of hard water.

It may help reduce limescale residue to a certain extent, but ultimately, we aren't a softening system. A softener is an industrial device built into your home, uses salt to remove calcium, in return reducing limescale.

2 minute installation

aluminum casing

cruelty free

recyclable capsules

“Transforms your beauty routine.”

“Great way to prevent mineral buildup from dulling your hair colour.”

"My hair felt softer from the first wash."

"Not all water is created equal."

Different Shower Types

The Hello Klean Shower Filter fits the global standard tap 1/2 inch thread.

No tools, no plumber, no drama. Simply install in just 2 minutes.

Rare Fitting Issues

Not enough space? Bathtub in the way? Awkward angle?

Our Adapter helps resolve all fitting concerns.

Banish Buildup From The Root

By removing chlorine, iron, copper and more our shower filter prevents limp hair and sensitivity on your scalp and skin.

Want to elevate your shower game?

Meet Scalp Soak.

Relieve your scalp from product residue, calcium deposits and pollution buildup and give healthy hair a fresh start.

What Are You Washing With?

Showers are often neglected in our beauty routines, and they shouldn't be.

Those creams, treatments and masks you slather on later? They'll only deliver promised results when applied on a fresh canvas: clean hair, balanced scalp and fresh skin.

Getting clean is the first step.