The #1 brand for hard water.

  • "Purifies the water and filters out chlorine, iron, copper, lead, cadmium and nickel."

  • "My hair colour looks fresher. You'll never be able to go without once you've tried it."

  • "Neutralises nasties like chlorine and filters out soap scum, leaving your skin clean."

  • "Sweeps away residue while imparting mega moisture back into dry skin."

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Step 1: filter your water.

Reduce impurities in your shower water.

Step 2: rescue dry skin & scalp.

Remove mineral buildup and restore hydration.

Reduced contaminants, healthier hair and skin.

  • Clinically proven for hard water.

  • Safe for sensitive skin.

  • Vegan and no animal testing.

  • Free from harsh ingredients.

  • Optimised for skin & scalp pH.

  • We use recycled plastic.

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Trusted by 80,000+ customers.

Recommended by Daily Mail, ITV, Telegraph and many more.

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Your routine is only as clean as your water.

60% of Europe is affected by hard water, and here's how it impacts your wellness and beauty routine.

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