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Karlee's story

Because of work, I used to move frequently. and skin drama followed everytime. I changed my beauty products, took supplements, but nothing seemed to work.

Until I found the culprit: hard water.

I didn't want this to happen to anyone else, and Hello Klean was born: the one stop shop that addresses all your hard water woes.

Nov. 2019

We launched Hello Klean with one product, the Shower Filter.

We used our own savings, which meant: no budget for events, PR, influencers, designers, or a team.

We hand-packed orders, and shipped them to you from our nearest DHL shop.


You helped us spread the word!

Our demand grew, and one day we couldn't pack your orders anymore. That's when we got our first warehouse.

Now we have four globally!


Hard water irritated your scalps - so we launched the Clarifying Scalp Soak to combat just that.

Your overwhelming support got us into our first stockist: Cult Beauty.

But there was a problem. COVID restrictions impacted our supply chain. For more than 9 months, we barely had products to sell.


It was heartwarming to see how much Micronutrient Wash helped those of you with dry, congested skin.

We fixed our stock issues. Our community grew massively, and we won multiple awards.


We updated our branding, because TBH the original one just didn't look that great😌

We launched Purifying Shower Head, which received continuous love from you.

Dragons' Den: You know it works when we got offers from three Dragons!

Take a sneak peek...

We have a MAJOR retail partnership coming very soon. So watch this space😉

We have TWO new launches this year—one in May and another in Q4.

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#1 rated brand for hard water.

  • "My hair colour looks fresher. You'll never be able to go without once you've tried it."

  • "Sweeps away residue while imparting mega moisture back into dry skin."

  • "Neutralises nasties like chlorine and filters out soap scum, leaving your skin clean."

  • "My skin is now clear and I feel like my cleansers are working more effectively."

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