Need to get your oily skin under control? First, you'll have to get the basics right, starting with shower habits. Below, we debunk the most common myths on how your daily shower habits impact shine prone skin - and how to get it right. 

oily skin shower habits

Myth 1: In order to be squeaky clean, oily skin requires aggressive body washes. 

All skin types need proper cleansing. But there's a big difference between a gentle cleanse vs. aggressively stripping its sebum and throwing it off balance. 

The more aggressive the surfactants in your body wash, the more it strips the skin from its natural oils. When your skin is dehydrated and dry, it often leads to the overproduction of oil to compensate for the lack of it. 

Instead of throwing your sebaceous glands into a path of crazy oily production, stick to a daily regimen with a non-comedogenic formulated cleanser instead. 

Myth 2: Moisturizing your skin after showers will only make it more oily.

As mentioned earlier, most people with oily skin suffer from dehydrated skin. So make sure to properly moisturizer after you dry off. All skin types require proper hydration, regardless of whether it's shine-prone or not. 

Myth 3: Hard water causes oily skin. 

Oily skin is genetic or hormone-related, and hard water alone won't be able to change your skin type. 

But, soap scum from hard water has a drying effect on your skin. On top of that, it can also cause the sebum to change from oil to wax form, which may lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and irritation. 

hello klean shower filter

Every beauty routine starts in the shower. If you live in an area with hard water or chlorinated water, it could be working against your skincare goals. 

Getting a shower filter is more than just creating a spa-like experience for your bathroom. A shower filter can help remove mineral deposits from the water and prevent soap scum from coating your skin and scalp. 

The Hello Klean Shower Filter removes copper, iron, lead, other metals found in hard water. On top of that, it filters away over 90% of chlorine from your shower stream. The best part? No tools or handyman needed! Hassle-free assembly and start your skincare routine with a clean slate. 

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