Here's what having a mindful shower doesn't require: a bathroom renovation, a live-in yogi, or a newly installed sound system. Here's what it'll give you: peace of mind, quality me-time, and a new mindset to start the day. 
Device-free, people-free, and work-free, your shower/bath is the perfect place to practice mindfulness. Adrienne Glasser, an LA-based psychotherapist and meditation instructor, explain: "Mindfulness is the practice of attuning to the present moment – essentially, concentrating deeply on a single object."  
The shower or bath is a perfect place where distractions are automatically cut off. Water can be used as the object of your concentration, aiming to focus your entire mind on that one thing in great detail.


Sight. Notice how water flows over your skin, observe the patterns on the surface of the water.
Smell. Close your eyes and observe the different scents – lavender, citrus, or maybe just the good old soap. 
Touch. Notice how the water feels against your body. Take a moment to be grateful for the warm water surrounding you.
Sound. Pick out the individual sounds of water vs. any background noises. 
Safety-first, always. Don't meditate in the bath if you're feeling drowsy.


The theory here is simple: if you can train your mind to concentrate during your bath, chances are, it'll also benefit you when you transition that skill after you pat dry, leave the bathroom and step out into the real world. 
In the long run, it's an excellent practice for your mental well-being, training your mind and body to relax, stay calm, and focus on what's around you. 
What happens when thoughts of the never-ending to-do list starts creeping back? Lay back, acknowledge it, and then slowly return your focus to the bathroom.


To begin with, whether you're practicing mindfulness in the shower or bath, it always helps to make sure that the tap water you're using is worry-free. In other words, not giving you hair and skin drama. 

Depending on where you live, your water contains other ingredients besides hydrogen and oxygen. Chlorine and mineral deposits can cause hair fading, skin, and scalp sensitivity, as well as dry, brittle strands. 
No magic cure relieves all your beauty woes at once. But instead of spending time fixing damages caused by mineral deposits and chlorine to your hair and skin, let's prevent them from occurring in the first place. 

The Hello Klean Filter  removes +90% of chlorine from your water stream as well as water-soluble minerals, rust, and odor. 

So here's to better water, better showers, and better you – worry-free to be in, and setting your mood worry-free as well. 

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