In its original form, water doesn't contain any minerals. As water flows through natural pathways, it picks up metals and other dissolvable solids. Which means: higher the mineral amount, harder the water. Soft water, on the other hand, contains little or no mineral content.

Before you start any science experiments, here's an easier way to find out whether you have water. Soap products don't lather well with hard water. Meaning they will be more difficult to foam and rinse off. 


So does that mean drinking hard water is bad? Not at all. Hard water's mineral composition can provide health benefits, like protecting your heart and bones. 

What's the downside? #hardwaterproblems are real in your showers. It causes breakouts, sensitivity, and dryness to your skin. The minerals are harmful to your hair health, leading to damaged ends, lack of moisture, dandruff, and even hair loss.

Reset your self-care routine with better water. Our HELLO KLEAN Shower Filter helps removes chlorine, heavy metals, and other icky stuff from your showers. In return, giving you softer feeling skin and hair. 

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